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December 20, 2012

Sign New NC Faith Letters for Death Penalty Repeal

For decades religious leaders across North Carolina have been at the heart of efforts to educate and mobilize faith communities to act to abolish the death penalty.

Nearly 700 religious leaders from North Carolina called for passage of the NC Racial Justice Act. Last week a judge found racial bias in the cases of three more defendants on death row and commuted their sentences.

People of Faith Against the Death Penalty has now launched letters from religious leaders and lay people of faith in North Carolina calling for repeal of the death penalty.


We hope thousands of clergy and pastoral leaders across the state will sign on.

We also have a letter for lay people of faith.

We invite you to endorse one of the letters and pass the invitation on to religious leaders you know and to all of your friends and family in North Carolina.

The next few years are pivotal for the death penalty in our state. North Carolina is well into its seventh year without an execution – a time when the murder rate in our state has dropped significantly. This year is the first year in the modern era when not one North Carolina jury sentenced someone to death. But an incoming new governor and legislative leadership have pledged to restart executions as soon as possible.

Add you moral voice for abolition now and share this invitation widely.

Blessed holiday,


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