The Death Penalty: Racist, Classist and Unfair (Q & A) PDF Print E-mail
By Laura Fitzpatrick

Some two-thirds of Americans support the death penalty, but few are forced to confront it on a daily basis. As an appellate lawyer in Texas — which leads the U.S. in executions — David Dow has represented more than 100 death-row inmates over the past two decades. In The Autobiography of an Execution, he recounts what it's like to do the job and then come home to his family and his dog. He talked to TIME about why he keeps doing the work, the problem with juries and what it's like to look murderers in the eye.
Orthodox Jewish Community Sets Example in Advocacy PDF Print E-mail
Martin Grossman was executed last night in Florida. Something extraordinary that came from this tragedy is the effort made by leaders from America's Orthodox Jewish community. Mobilizing organizations and people to take action, rabbis such as Zvi Boyarsky of the Aleph Institute and others were able to obtain more than 34,000 petition endorsers and send a strong message to Fl. Gov. Crist that Martin's execution was wrong. They have further exposed the flaws of the death penalty to many people. For that, we at PFADP are grateful and inspired.

The effort around Martin Grossman is an example to all religious communities of the power we have to act for justice and life and, step by step, to challenge the death penalty.
Volunteer for PFADP at HK on J 4! (NC) PDF Print E-mail
Join People of Faith Against the Death Penalty in Raleigh, NC on Saturday, February 27, 2010 in support of HK on J (Historic Thousands on Jones Street) which was rescheduled due to wintry weather across North Carolina.
Atwater, Race and the Needle (NC) PDF Print E-mail
We are not so far removed from the urge to kill.
The Durham Herald Sun

Demario Atwater may feel this more keenly than most. Atwater, 23, is one of two men accused of robbing and shooting UNC Chapel Hill student body president Eve Carson in March 2008.

Federal prosecutors are seeking the needle. This week, Atwater’s attorneys filed reams of motions in Winston-Salem, asking a judge to take the death penalty off the table on the grounds that it’s unconstitutional.
4th World Congress Against the Death Penalty PDF Print E-mail
The 4th World Congress Against the Death Penalty will be held February 24 - 26, 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland. It offers the opportunity for abolitionists from around the world to come together.

American Law Institute President Emeritus: The Death Penalty Is Unworkable PDF Print E-mail
(Column, LA Times, 2/4/10) -- The American Law Institute, instrumental in structuring the model statutes on which most death sentences are based, has withdrawn its support of such laws.
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